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최종입력: 2001-10-22 00:00 - 넷사랑 | 답글: 1건

2001-10-22 00:00 - 왕왕초보

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Connected to

Exchanging SSH version...Done.
Server: SSH-2.0-3.0.1 SSH Secure Shell (non-commercial).
Client: SSH-2.0-Xssh_1.0.
SSH2 is enabled.

Negotiating algorithms...
Initiating key exchange...Done.
Exchanging Diffie-Hellman KeyEx message...Done.
Waiting for new key message...Received.
Fingerprint: 1024 31:60:c2:63:88:42:ef:9e:fd:ac:b4:14:43:22:48:ee.Verifying host key...
Algorithm negotiation has been finished...
CS Cipher: 3des-cbc, SC Cipher: 3des-cbc
CS Compress: zlib, SC Compress: zlib
CS MAC: hmac-sha1, SC MAC: hmac-sha1

Trying to login as kgenius.
Trying password authentication...Done.

Requesting session channel...Done.

Requesting X11 forwarding...Done.

Executing remote command...Done.
/usr/X11R6/bin/xauth: (stdin):1:
bad display name "local:10.0" in "add" command

SocketINETConnect: Can't get address for local

/usr/bin/X11/xterm Xt error: Can't open display: local:10.0
2001-10-22 00:00 - 넷사랑

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