All of the Power. None of the Cost.

NetSarang Computer, Inc. prides itself in providing our powerful SSH and SFTP/FTP client for free for the past 10 years. Our free licenses are not just free in price, they are free of advertisements, spyware, or any other method of exploitation of our userbase. We believe users from all backgrounds and circumstances should have access to a powerful and feature-rich SSH and SFTP/FTP client whether it be to learn, teach, or to even just supplement a hobby. Free licensing is authorized for Home and School use only.

Update: As of 02/16/2022 the tab limits for our Free Licenses have been removed. All free users can now access unlimited tabs by downloading the latest build below or updating your existing clients.

The Industry’s Most Powerful SSH Client

Effortless File Transfer Over A Network

Terms of Free Use

NetSarang Computer, Inc.’s free licensing of Xshell and Xftp is for non-commercial use only. Any use of our free licensing for business purposes is strictly against the terms laid out in our Free End User License Agreement. If you would like to use Xshell or Xftp for commercial use, we encourage you to purchase a license and help us further develop our software.

By downloading our free licensing software, you agree to receive emails related to occasional promotional discounts or special events as well as occasional patch notes and notices. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time by clicking the “Unsubscribe Me” button at the bottom of any email. We DO NOT sell your information to third-parties.